Letter from Hellenic Professional Union of Orthodontists

Dear EFOSA Council members,

We hope this finds you and your fellow countrymen well.

We are all living in extraordinary conditions and it is very sad indeed, that EOS Congress was canceled. Our German colleagues must have worked very hard to prepare the event all European Orthodontists meet and learn from the best.

As the spread of COVID-19 continues we are very concerned about the efficiency of the infection control procedures in our orthodontic offices and the difficulties that arise in keeping up with them in a busy practice.

 We are aware that all local European Dental Associations have issued instructions on how to cope with problems in our practices which are focused on dental practices.

So, we strongly believe that EFOSA should get involved and provide scientific advice to all member countries and guidelines for the protection of the Orthodontist and his practice. This way, we will all act uniformly and use similar PPE.

You could also send information on how to deal with the financial consequences this crisis will have on our profession.

Our additional concern is regarding the annual membership dues to EFOSA. As all national orthodontic meetings have been canceled and all practices are closed it has been difficult to contact our members and collect our annual fees. Therefore, our proposal is that dues should be temporarily suspended or considerably reduced for 2020.

            Keep safe, keep sane! 

On behalf of the Hellenic Professional Union of Orthodontists

          Dr. Andreas Karamouzos                          Dr. Anna Papadogeorgaki – Anagnostou

             President H.P.U.O.                                                Secretary General H.P.U.O.             


Χαιρετισμός Προέδρου

Αγαπητοί συνάδελφοι, φίλες και φίλοι, καλώς ήλθατε στη νέα, επανασχεδιασμένη και εύχρηστη ιστοσελίδα του Ε.Σ.Ο.Ε. Φιλοδοξούμε να γίνει χρήσιμο εργαλείο για την έγκαιρη επαγγελματική σας ενημέρωση και για την παροχή πληροφοριών στο κοινό για την ειδικότητα της Ορθοδοντικής.

Καλή σας πλοήγηση!

Δρ. Ανδρέας Καραμούζος

Χορηγός Ιστοσελίδας

adress GR 2 lines narrow

Στοιχεία Επικοινωνίας

esoe.orthodontists (@) gmail.com

210.361 9747

Μαυρομιχάλη 95-97, Αθήνα 11472

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